Building partnerships with children and families since 1969

Our Approach:
Partners in your child’s care

At Auburndale Community Nursery School, we feel strongly that the positive learning experiences for the children in our care work best when teachers and parents work together. Both at home and in school, children need to be exposed to a warm, supportive environment, opportunities for success, a variety of activities and above all, the chance to become actively involved in their own learning process.

Our early childhood program is carefully designed by our wonderfully talented and knowledgeable staff to help each child develop confidence in themselves and their abilities to explore the learning rich environment offered at ACNS. In order to assist each child in their development of skills in the motor, social and cognitive areas, the children are grouped along developmental lines. These groups are then provided with stimulating and inventive activities, allowing for optimum creative and individual expression. Our program also allows the children to experience the richness of many cultures and develop appreciation of the world around them.

Our program includes Language Arts, Music, Art, Drama, Gross Motor Activities, Science, Readiness Skills for Reading and Math, and Free Play. To complement these activities, the children take part in cooking activities, story telling and special events.  We strive to provide the best program for your child, and at the same time, serve as a resource and support to families and their varying needs.